Here you can find some resources that may interest you, such as my Kernel, my configurations, the programs I've created, my contact details, various tools, and so on.

Linux & Software

Discover the guide that helps you to install Arch Linux, my configurations (my dotfiles), my Kernel, the programs I've created, and my packages for Gentoo Linux.

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Arch Linux installation instructions

Extensive Arch Linux installation guide

Last tutorial update: September 20, 2021

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My dotfiles (my GNU/Linux configurations)

My GNU/Linux configurations — includes a script compatible with distros based on Arch & Gentoo Linux


My Kernel

All of the changes I've made to the Kernel to make it more performant and more efficient.


My packages

My packages for Gentoo Linux.


My programs

All of the programs I made in C, compatible with Linux, and more.

About me

Discover who I am, my skills, my contact details, and how you can help me.


Who I am

Discover who I am and what my skills are.


Contact me

Discover how you can contact me.



Discover how to send me a donation, to help me and my work.