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Matteo Salonia

I'm an Italian man originally from Sicily, from the province of Ragusa. I graduated on 06/29/2023 with a score of 98/100 at the 'Archimede' Accounting School in Modica (RG), where I attended the programmer course, abbreviated SIA (Sistemi Informativi Aziendali, Corporate Information Systems ).
I am specialised in:

  • IT & Electronics: Software development (C, VB.NET), website development (HTML+CSS+JS+PHP+SQL), GNU/Linux system management and maintenance, workstation assembly and management, LAN networks installation and maintenance, video surveillance systems installation, anti-theft systems installation.
  • English: Fluent in Speaking, Listening, Writing.
  • Business & Finance: Preparation of the Economic Balance Sheet, Economic-Financial Budgets, Cost analysis, Employee paycheck, Leasing, Issue of Shares and Bonds, Distribution of Operating Profits and dividends, Financial market analysis, Stock market index analysis, Stock market investments.
  • Mathematics: Proficient in Algebra, Mathematical Analysis, Financial Mathematics, Combinatorics.

Experience timeline

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