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Server Management

Remote & local Linux server management, regular Maintenance, restricted Login with SSH keys & passwordless login, Intrusion security & brute-force attack protection.

Software Development

— Design and Development of applications for Linux in C e C++, with Graphical User Interfaces and Terminal User Interfaces
— Design and Development of applications for Android in Java
— Design and Development of applications for Windows in Visual Basic (VB.NET)


— Creation and Logical Structuring of Back-End Web Servers in PHP, with Database connections, Registration/Login, ecc.
— Creation and Logical Structuring of Complete Web Pages in HTML
— Style Application to Web Pages with easy-to-use CSS Frameworks
— Creation of Client-side Web Login in JavaScript, to Control and Validate user-inserted data, while respecting the user's privacy.


Italian is the main language I use while speaking every day. I was born and live to this day in Italy.
Italian language level: Mother tongue


English is the secondary language I speak every day, using it while programming, to communicate with my friends, to use Internet generally, and so on. I speak English since 6th grade, after having slowly learned the language on the Internet, listening to various people speak while they were playing; after, I joined the Cambridge University English School, where I got the B2 certification, in 8th grade.
English language level: B2 (Cambridge Certification, in 8th grade), C1 (British Council online test)