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If you want to support me and/or my work, you can help me by sending a donation; on this page are listed some ways to send me a donation.

Go to:
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Address: 43cgqumPkUAXhL4cx5bn24aZQkg7dUGQtaugoCxNEg1c2kbUY14y5jJMBwju2vqqZDeCJvSsn3SC7cDLuv5ZSeth4CV71cz

Alternatively, you can use OpenAlias arrow_forward — When sending funds, you can write salonia.it instead of the address, and your client/wallet will automatically replace it with the wallet address written above. Also, you can use this open source tool to get a domain's OpenAlias records: OpenAlias API Web Form arrow_forward
(tool source code)